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Our History: MRI Center in Lafayette, LA

Advanced Imaging of Lafayette was founded by David J. Jewell, M.D. and Alliance Imaging in late 2002. It was always Dr. Jewell’s vision to establish a state of the art MRI center, dedicated specifically to providing excellent imaging services, radiologist interpretations and customer service for patients and their physicians. Together, Dr. Jewell and Alliance Imaging partnered to provide the highest quality MRI diagnostic services in south Louisiana.

Dr. Jewell’s vision became a reality in July 2003 when Advanced Imaging of Lafayette opened inside Park Place Surgery where we were located for 5 years. Then in July 2008, the center needed to expand, so the decision was made to move the center to its current location in River Ranch.

Advanced Imaging is now located at 935 Camellia Boulevard, Suite 101, in the Camellia Towers Building, right next door to The Breast Center of Acadiana. Along with offering exceptional musculoskeletal, spinal and neurological MRI imaging, Advanced Imaging also offers breast MRIs and MRI Guided breast biopsies in conjunction with the Breast Center of Acadiana.

Throughout our history of 10 years, the center has served over 500 physicians and over 30,000 patients within the Lafayette and surrounding communities. Our goal still remains to provide excellent imaging services, radiologist interpretations and customer service for our patients and referring physicians.


Conveniently located in the Heart of Lafayette, our center provides exceptional MRI services to Acadiana and the surrounding areas..

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